VICE Global Logo ID’s
︎︎︎2021 – 2023
︎︎︎Creative Direction: Assaf Clements,
Eric Bubas & Francisco Lopez

*Awards & Recognition*
Clio Gold Winner
The Motion Awards
The VICE GLOBAL LOGO ID project is an award winning collection of animated identities made for the VICE TV channel.  Bringing together emerging voices from around the world.

The goal of the project is to create an ongoing collaborative channel that elevates the visionary spirit of the brand, while celebrating its global creative community.

Through this project we aimed to challenge ourserlves in finding new creative and technical approaches towards the making of timeless animated pieces.  

Scorpiondagger, YONK, Baku Hashimoto, Kelli Anderson, Sophie Koko Gate, Cole Montminy, Erma Fiend, Dina Amin, Rop Van Mierlo, Huw Messie, Amanda Bonaiuto, Matthias Brown, Thami Nabil, Ariane Spanier, Cuca Berenguer, Cole Kush, Winston Hacking, Jeron Braxton, Nik Mackillan

ADC Awards
The One Show
Good Moves
Society of Illustrators
AOI Association of Illustrators