Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia
︎︎︎Art Direction
In Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, host Hamilton Morris goes on a psychotropic, often humorous journey to investigate the history, chemistry, and societal impacts of the world’s most extraordinary psychoactive substances. 

For key art, we recreated the chemistry/space lab atmosphere and shot Hamilton wearing a spacesuit, using his helmet as a reflective surface to expose different elements from the show, including animations from the episodes, oscilloscope projections, smoke and images from the cosmos.

Photography ︎︎︎ Ioulex
Main key art used across all digital platforms
Digital Banners︎︎︎

Season 02 ︎︎︎
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia
For this campaign we wanted put the effects of the substances that Hamilton explores, front and center. Magic eye posters, chemical breakdowns of MDMA and messaging that makes you question reality were placed in a variety of OOH and digital spaces.