Desus & Mero
︎︎︎Emmy Campaign

Instead of traditional OOH, we pitched Desus & Mero a Bronx inspired stunt where we left thousands of fake parking tickets on every car in an Emmy screening parking lot.

In addition to the fake tickets, which generated a ton of social media interraction, we created some DIY flyers to post up on telephone poles and in bodegas. Then to guarentee even more eyes on the campaign, we designed bus wraps and aeiral banners to drive around Emmy screening locations in NY and LA.

Season 03︎︎︎

Desus & Mero
Season 03 | 2018
︎︎︎Key Art
For season 3 of Desus & Mero we wanted to take the duo back home. Working with photographer Michah Carter, we shot at various locations in the Bronx, including rooftops, bodegas, and subway stations near their home towns.

Urban Outfitters X Desus & Mero︎︎︎

Desus & Mero
︎︎︎Urban Outfitters Collab
We teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create tees and hats for the number one show on late night. Some items sold out online the first day.