90’s Month
︎︎︎Creative Direction
To support the show Dark Side of the 90’s on VICETV, we decided to brand the month of June as '90s Month. That meant replacing all the channel graphics package and creating many new assets like interstitial, bumpers, snipes, bugs, logo IDs and much more. We wanted to make it feel authentic in any way and to create it as it was created in the '90s. That meant doing stuff practical and avoiding CG.

We went on ebay and thrift shops to look for working devices from the '90s. For the main branding we created stop motion paper collages taking inspiration grunge, MTV, early desktop screensavers and more.
Dark Side of the 90’s – Key Art
Since the topics of Dark Side of the 90’s revolves around the subject of 90’s television – from reality tv to talk shows, we physically set an iconic 90’s tube TV on fire, and paired it with the treatment of our favorite visual design trends of the 90’s from alternative magazines, album covers and photographs.